UMTS/HSPA+ 3G Modem - GT-HE910

3G Modem with high speed broadband connectevity

The GT-HE910 UMTS/HSPA+ modem delivers high-speed-wide-area-networking access to IP networks using 3G cellular devices.

hsupa 3g modem

The GT-HE910-EUD is a complete Cellular Terminal solution for GSM/UMTS applications. Incorporating Telit’s HE910-EUD module, the terminal is capable of handling all GSM/ UMTS processing with PYTHON script.


The serial interface of the GT-HE910-EUD is intended for the communication between the GSM/UMTS module and the host application. The RS-232 interface is a data and control interface for transmitting data. It accepts, AT commands and provides multiplexed channels. EMC immunity complies with the vehicular environment requirements according to EN 301 489-7.

For applications which require location based data to be transmitted there is the GT-HE910-EUG, giving you access to GPS data which can then be sent on to the host through 3G connection. This makes the device ideal for applications such as fleet management and payload tracking.

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GT-HE910-EUD 3G modem

3G modem

GT-HE910-EUG 3G modem

3G modem with GPS

GT863-3EU 3G Modem Terminal

Standalone modem solution for wireless m2m applications based on the Telit HE910-EUx HSPA core engine.

Maestro M100 3G Industrial Modem

3G HSPA/HSDPA Data modem

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