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Adaptive Modules franchise from Sena and KC Wirefree to provide you with the very best Bluetooth technology.

We have Bluetooth devices such as, embedded class 1 / class 2 modules, audio modules, serial adapters and much more readily available to purchase online at Adaptive Modules web store.


Bluetooth is a wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs). It can connect several devices, overcoming problems of synchronization.

Industrial Bluetooth Products

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Serial Data Modules

Our Bluetooth serial data modules from KC Wirefree and SENA are able to offer fully embedded wireless serial port systems for integration to your boards. With custom firmware available, including Serial profile for serial cable replacement and Keyboard profile for HID profile connectivity, you are able to get the most out of Bluetooth connectivity and functionality.

KC Wirefree

  • KC-21.6
    Class 2 Bluetooth v2.1+EDR Serial/Data
  • KC-22.6
    Class 2 Bluetooth OEM Micro Module

KC Wirefree Development Kits


  • Parani-ESD110ESD110
    OEM Bluetooth-Serial Module-Class1 with antenna extension option
  • Parani-ESD100V2
    OEM Bluetooth-Serial Module-Class1 with Built-in chip antenna
  • Paani-ESD110V2
    OEM Bluetooth-Serial Module-Class1 with antenna extension option
  • Parani-ESD200
    OEM Bluetooth-Serial Module-Class2 with Built-in chip antenna
  • Parani-ESD210BCD100
    OEM Bluetooth-Serial Module-Class2 with antenna extension option
  • Parani-BCD100
    Bluetooth Class 1 OEM module

SENA Starter Kits

Bluetooth Audio Modules

Our Bluetooth Audio Modules are fully embedded pre-licensed off-the-shelf wireless audio systems. The bluetooth modules all use the BlueCore 5 Multimedia chip from CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio), the most advanced Bluetooth audio chip on the market, providing performance capabilities exceeding standard Bluetooth specifications.

KC Wirefree

  • KC5012 Bluetooth moduleKC-5012
    Class 1 Bluetooth Audio Module
  • KC-6012
    Class 2 Bluetooth Audio Module
  • KC-6112
    Bluetooth Audio Module with Internal Antenna

KC Wirefree Development Kits

Device Servers

SENA's external-type of serial device servers are designed to network-enable serial devices on the fly.

Wireless Devices Servers

  • Bluetooth device server Parani-MSP1000
    Bluetooth Access Point & Wireless Device Server (up to 28 connections)

Bluetooth Serial Adapters

Our franchised Bluetooth Serial Adapter product line is designed to replace RS-232 connectivity with wireless Bluetooth. Featuring, Bluetooth 1.2 Protocol Stack that includes Adaptive Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (AFH), software-free configuration support via an external dip-switch, pairing button for instant configuration of an automatic connection between two Parani-SD devices, and flexible power options.

The Serial Adapter support data transfer speeds of up to 230Kbit/s, suitable for industrial applications that require data logging, wireless sensor control and monitoring in production facilities. Medical applications used by physicians with hand held devices are able to view and update medical databases and patient's charts instantly reducing redundant paper work, increasing efficiency and lowering hospital costs.

Other applications include retail POS, bar code scanners and credit card readers, restaurant order and receipt printers, security systems, gas pumps, and outdoor sign boards.


  • sd2001 serial bluetooth adapterParani-SD200
    Bluetooth-Serial Adapter-Class2-DIP
    *Optional battery pack is not included by default
  • Parani-SD100
    Bluetooth-Serial Adapter-Class1-DIP

Bluetooth Communication via USB Port

Our Bluetooth USB Adapters supports wireless transmission distances by default.


  • UD100Parani-UD100
    Bluetooth Class 1 USB adapter with replaceable external antenna

KC Wirefree

  • KC-4132 KC-4130 Class 1 Bluetooth Serial Adapter
    Bluetooth Class 1 Bluetooth Serial Adapter
  • KC-USB-1
    Bluetooth Class 1 Bluetooth USB dongle

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