CDMA Module, Embedded C24 Module

Designed with embedded internet and security protocols allowing easy integration with CDMA module

The C24 CDMA module is designed using Telit’s “24” family compact form factor. It enables seamless connectivity over CDMA networks for M2M.

cdma module

The C24 CDMA series is a wireless modem that utilises the CDMA network for M2M possibilities. With on-board GPS capabilities, it's an ideal module for fleet management, asset tracking and other location based wireless applications.


The module features Telit's “24” form factor, allowing easy interchangeability between GSM and CDMA technology.

Applications can include:

Anticipating your needs

The C24 is designed to be a practical solution with built-in internet and security protocols to allow easy integration. It also features firmware upgrade over the air (FOTA), allowing future upgrades to be implemented instantly eliminating time consuming maintenance.

Supporting your every move

Adaptive Modules offer our customers devoted support throughout the deployment process including initiation, development, integration and certification, as well as ongoing technical support during and after implementation.

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Operating Temperature

  • -30 C to +85 C

Product Group

  • Wireless Modules
  • Storage Temperature
  • -40 C +85 C
Supported Bands
  • CDMA Dual Band 800/1900 MHz
  • Multimode GPS (Standalone and Assisted) 1575 MHz
Data Fetures
  • Binary and NMEA modes
  • Cell broadcast GPS
  • Data Capabilities: 1x/QNC/HSPD
  • Embedded FTP
  • Embedded TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocol stack
  • Max BR 14.4 Kbps SMS
  • MO / MT Text and PDU modes
  • SSL - Secure Connection

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