CDMA Router Terminal - M2M technology

CDMA Terminal allows wireless connectivity and control to remote devices.

The C-Router has integrated 1x/QNC/HSPD and Dual band CDMA functionality based on the Linux system. Allowing CDMA 1x data capabilities, such as;

Remote access

The router has a low power relay allowing the unit to remote control your products or devices. With the additional single port remote power switch (RE.99.R1Nx) external high power equipments can be remotely controlled.

Product Features

CDMA Router

Passive Power Over Ethernet

Power over ethernet

This compact, self-contained device provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to systems designers confronting the need for additional electrical outlets or the placement of network access points.

Single Port Remote Power Switch

Remote power switch

The unit supports universal IEC320-C14 type input and IEC320-C13 output connectors to easily fit between the power cord and the device under control. The maximum switched current is 6A. A typical application for the single port remote power switch is to remotely reboot a network router.

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CDMA Router terminal


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Single Port Remote Power Switch


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