PSTN Dial-up Router - remote access

Access machines remotly over PSTN networks...

Communicate with Ethernet devices over PSTN Networks - easy to install, provides RS232 connectivity.

dial up router

Introducing the µWEBox PSTN eRouter, designed for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The router can adapt to existing field-based equipment over a Wide Area Network (WAN) or be integrated within OEM equipment.

You are able to create an independent network at your remote site which removes the dependency of any 3rd party networks. This enables the router to remotely access your Ethernet equipment through a public network.

Can a PSTN Dial up router be used for remote networking?

Do you need to gain access to your equipment remotely via a network infrastructure? You are an engineer wanting to install a single item on a secure I.T network to gather its data and to enable remote access, monitor and control of the device. The PSTN dial up router can be used to gain access to a single item via a PSTN Network for the control and monitoring of your device. You are able to dial in to the equipment or the equipment is able to be configured to dial out through a router.


Product tools

Released together with a Starter Kit, the µWEBox PSTN Router can provide you with all the accessories necessary for rapid evaluation.

Ordering information;

Product Router Description
AML-RFI-GPRS GPRS Router terminal
AML-RFI-CDMA CDMA Router terminal
140-7822-210 GPRS/EDGE Data modem / IP router
HER042 GPRS/EDGE Ethernet Router
140-7882-211 3G HSPA/HSDPA Data modem / IP router
FR06000215 µWEBox eRouter PSTN

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