Electronic Component Sourcing

Adaptive Modules Ltd uses a supplier base around the world to assist our customers in sourcing electronic components. As an Independent Global Distributor we can supply all products / types to support our customers needs. We have the ability to source from almost any manufacturer world-wide, from major brands such as Samsung or Micron DRAM Components to much smaller specialist suppliers, with an infinite range of products. This is backed up with full technical services including data library, scheduled orders, tape and reeling, volume price agreements, programming. Adaptive Modules provides an inventory list on request.

Electronic Component Sourcing - products

Flash / CF Cards / Memory Modules / SDRAM/DRAM / LCD Displays / Microcontroller / LEDs / Connectors / Logic / PICs / Relays

Electronic Component Sourcing - manufacturers

Samsung, Micron, Infineon, Hynix, ICSI, ISSI, AMEC, MXIC, Sandisk, Simple tech, Crucial, Intel, AMD, SST, Atmel, Alliance, Cirrus Logic, Analog Devices and much more.

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