G24 GSM Family of Modules

G24 Module delivers mobility to the machine-to-machine (M2M) world

The G24 family of wireless modules is designed for M2M applications, including remote metering, automation & control, security telematics and fleet management. They support GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 bands and feature a set of AT commands (standard ETSI 7.05 and 7.07).

Cutting the price to save you money

G24 is designed to shorten expensive processes and get you to market in a flash. With built-in Internet and security protocols and a design that allows the host to leverage its CPU and memory, G24 is easy to integrate. The G24 GSM is one of a family of same form factor engines, enabling you to design your system with simple modularity.

G24 Features;


Support for your G24 requirement

Telit and Adaptive Modules are here from the moment you begin your design and provide maintenance throughout the products life.

G24 Module Family


The G24-Lite designed to suit the basic needs of large systems, utilizing wireless capabilities to automate their extensive services, for customers looking to improve their business operations through M2M.


The G24 Java serves as a powerful stand alone controller, providing developers a Java based software platform that enables the host device to draw on the G24's CPU, memory and I/Os. This advanced platform simplifies the development and design process, enabling significant cost saving and faster time to market.


The G24-Edge is a robust, RoHS-compliant cellular wireless module that enables virtually seamless connectivity for today's fastest-growing M2M applications.




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