GSM/GPRS Modem - Maestro M100 Series

Rapid GSM/GPRS data transfers with the Maestro 100 Series

The family of modems have three basic segregations; voice calls, GSM data calls and SMS messaging.


Voice calls

Voice communication can be activated within the modem. The RS232 cable/RF12 enables a microphone and speaker to connect to the device allowing the modem to function as a telecommunication terminal.

SMS / Text Configuration

The SMS messaging mode on the modem consists of a feature that enables pre-stored SMS messages to send information on certain events of the connected device i.e. vending machines or a positioning system.

GSM Data Calls

Data calls can communicate to normal PSTN modems or telephone lines by means of a GPRS SIM. The data calls can send or receive data streams between two units such as; computers or an embedded device.

The Maestro M100 series can connect to equipment and provide notification of events via GSM/GPRS, data calls / voice calls or SMS.


Odering Information:

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