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Selective range of routers communicating over wireless networks - GSM/GPRS/3G/HSPA/EDGE/CDMA

Adaptive Routers

M2M communication products for any remote machine, device or equipment. Modems, routers and web-based telemetry systems that provide connectivity, control and management of remote equipment. Gain access to real-time data to respond quickly to alarm conditions, diagnose problems and report status.

Our routers are available to buy online at our web store. Alternatively, you are able to discuss your requirments by calling our sales office on +44 (0) 1273 248 977.

GSM/GPRS, 3G HSPA, EDGE, CDMA Wireless routers

Adaptive Modules offer a range of GSM/GPRS/EDGE routers that are best suited for you wireless solution.

  • Communicate with remote Ethernet devices
  • Establish internet connectivity
  • Monitor and Control remote equipment

For more information on our routers please follow the bellow links.

InHand IR791 gprs router
  • InHand IR791 GPRS Router
    1 Port Industrial GPRS Router
    Quad-band GPRS industrial GPRS router with one ethernet port and one serial port.

InHand IR794 gprs router
  • InHand IR794 GPRS Router
    4 Port Industrial GPRS Router
    Quad-band GPRS industrial GPRS router with four ethernet ports and one serial port.

gprs router terminal
  • GPRS Router Terminal
    GSM/GPRS G-Router
    The GPRS terminal has integrated GPRS and quad band GSM functionality.
edge router
  • GPRS EDGE Router
    LandCell 822 GPRS EDGE
    External cellular router with integrated DHCP server, port forwarding and port mapping capabilities.
egde ethernet router
  • GPRS EDGE Ethernet Router
    Maestro Heritage GPRS EDGE Ethernet
    Industrial grade Ethernet router with RS232 over ethernet connections.

The LandCell 882-HSDPA GSM Data Modem/IP Router cellular modem and IP router features network support for Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA and Quad-Band GSM/GPRS communications.

InHand IR711 gprs router
InHand IR714 gprs router
InHand IR600 gprs router
  • InHand IR600 3G Router
    Low cost and light industrial 3G router
    Very low cost yet very high quality single port 3G router with SMS reboot facility.

hsdpa router

The C-router is a universal CDMA machine to machine terminal. The C-router is a robust unit with integrated 1x/QNC/HSPD and Dual band CDMA functionality based on the Linux operating system.

cdma router terminal

Dial Up Router - µWEBox eRouter PSTN (ROHS): Fixed line PSTN router provides connectivity to LAN devices over the dialup network. It is available in a rugged aluminium enclosure and has been specifically designed for M2M applications.

pstn router

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