Java Module, Embedded Java Module

Control M2M environments with Java programming

The G24 Java module is designed on a Java based software platform to allow programming in Java.

java module

Integrate the G24 Embedded Java module into various M2M projects, it can power many applications such as; tracking, automation & control units, point of sale, remote metering, security, vending machines, fleet management devices and much more. Engineering visits no longer needed with FOTA, firmware over the air upgrades

Telit “24” Form Factor

The G24 Family of GSM/GPRS/EDGE modules enable host devices to draw on Telit’s G24 CPU and memory. The G24-Java comes with the G24 form factor to ease designs with a “plug and play” platform. The software platform is built with multiple protocols and a full range of interfaces.


The G24-Java is designed with extensive memory and CPU resources along with layers of security and internet protocols to easy design and development.


The technology called the field programmable gate array (FPGA) can be programmed to perform specific functions using simple development tools. Integrate large amounts of logic (including processors, DSP functions and transceivers) into a single device.

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Supported Bands

  • Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

APIs: Java ME

  • JSR 75 (PIM, FC)
  • JSR 118 (MIDP 2.0 including Listen Socket)
  • JSR 120 (WMA 1.1)
  • JSR 135 (MMA 1.1)
  • JSR 139 (CLDC 1.1)
  • JSR 179 (Location API)
  • JSR 185 (Java Technology for the Wireless industry)
  • JSR 205 (Wireless Messaging API)

APIs: Telit

  • Combined AT and Java mode
  • CSD voice and data call
  • Extended logging capabilities
  • I2C Serial Bus
  • Interface to IO lines and analog measurements
  • IPD - IP Director
  • MIDlet OTA update
  • MIDlet watchdog
  • Network and SIM card operations
  • Sleep mode
  • Stand-alone controller

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