M2M Accessories

M2M Accessories: Antennas, cables and power connectors supporting our range of routers and modems.

Wireless Antennas


Selective range of Wi-Fi, GPS, quad and bluetooth wireless antennas for internal/external applications as well as fixed or mobile GPS applications.



We offer a selection of cables with connection variations such as; MMXC and SMA for your M2M requirements.


Power Supplies

For a selection of power supplies please view our web store for pricing and availability.

Adaptive Modules offer a range of accessories for our M2M products. A selection of antennas, power supplies, cables, din rail mounts and connectors for our GSM, GPRS, GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, CDMA and PSTN network modems and routers can be ordered online.

Development kits for our modems, routers and modules which provide everything for evaluation can be found on our online store.

For further information on our range of M2M accessories please email us at sales@adaptivemodules.com.

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