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With the popular range Telit MOT M2M modules (including Embedded GSM/GPRS, Dual/Quad band modems with 10MB of memory, ARM 7 core, 2 UARTS and Various options of I/O) becoming End-of-Life, Adaptive Modules have a long life replacements for these 70 pin GPRS, 3G and CDMA modules.

Telit's MOT range of modules are best suited for your machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and solutions requirements. The embedded modules allow wireless M2M communication to your remote devices. Our new x24 Connectorised Modules give you a long life, drop-in form-factor replacements for GPRS and 3G variants using connectorised versions of Telit’s GL865 and UL865 modules. These modules are mounted on our convertor board allowing you to make use of a single 70 pin board to board connector rather than the xL865’s VQNF form-factor.

Telit modules are configurable to perform as required. With the programmable ability to match your specifications e.g. send machine alerts, data and reports via SMS and email.

For further information on our M2M modules available please view below or email us at sales@adaptivemodules.com.

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G30 GSM/GPRS Module


The G30 GSM/GPRS Module is a low cost effective solution. Supporting 3GPP 7.05, 7.07 and 7.10 protocols and holds an ability for firmware upgrade over-the-air (FOTA) it is able to guarantee an up to date integration to your product or device.

H24 HSPA 3G Module


Blazing fast HSUPA/HSDPA connectivity enables the H24 to provide broadband to your M2M design like automotive infotainment systems and advanced security systems.

C24 CDMA Module


The C24 is a CDMA 1X module with a rich set of features including a powerful on-board multimode GPS, FOTA support and MUX. The C24 enables easy interchangeability between GSM and CDMA with the G24 module, and also stacks with the W24 module for seamless Wi-Fi to CDMA data routing.

G24 Family of Modules


The G24 GSM Family of Modules is available in 5 different versions matching to your specific wireless M2M requirements. Enable wireless M2M communication to your remote machines or product by embedding the G24 module.

G24 Java Module


The G24 Java serves as a powerful stand alone controller, providing developers a Java based software platform that enables the host device to draw on the G24's CPU, memory and I/Os. Embed a set of Java commands to your M2M technology.

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