Remote Asset Monitoring

Mobile wireless asset monitoring devices connect to each remote machine for monitoring and control purposes...

Our remote monitoring devices allow you to gain access to diagnostic data, record status information automatically and examine alarm conditions. It also provides the communication infrastructure "under the bonnet" of any and all "remote machine" applications.

Remote monitoring with µWEAVE

µWEAVE is a software, designed by Comtech, that allows you to gain access to your equipment by means of the Internet via a GSM/GPRS wireless connection. µWAVE is used with our Amscreen M2M (Comtech M2M) range of products. To view available gsm/gprs routers and gsm/gprs modems please follow links.

We are able to offer a wide range of devices which can be integrated to your specific equipment or machine for your asset monitoring requirements.

Remote access over a wireless network

Gain remote access to your equipment over a wireless network to update your equipment firmware and gain real-time information such as diagnostics, status information and much more.

The µWEAVE central management software allows automatic or immediate date transfer over a wireless network at scheduled times.

Networked Assets

Integrate or network individual assets and items of equipment (e.g. printers, building controls, RFID readers etc) into a centrally managed asset monitoring system.

Benefits of our monitoring devices

For further information in using the µWEAVE software for remote monitoring purposes please follow the link provided...

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