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Vehicle Tracking with M2M

One of the biggest uses of mobile internet connectivity is in the vehicle tracking sector. GPS and GPRS combine to provide near real-time status of a vehicle’s location to a remote observer.

Tracking technology can lead to increased productivity, reduced operational costs, improved customer service and enhanced security for both driver and vehicle.

Vehicle tracking isn’t the only area which is making use of the cellular networks. Faster data rates achieved through 3G allow for more data heavy applications such as the real time transfer of video, used in applications such as ANPR and speed cameras, make wireless options a true viability.

This will only increase with the deployment and roll out of 4G networks, which while in its infancy, has the potential to offer download speeds 10 times that of 3G. However, with the infrastructure only being rolled out relatively recently and services only provided by EE in major UK cities thus far we may be some way off the technology’s full potential, but things certainly look bright for the future.

Another major advantage of leveraging the cellular networks as a networking medium is the ability to rapidly deploy new devices, allowing you to quickly gain remote access to them without the need for lengthy, time consuming and potentially disruptive laying of cable.

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