Vending, Pos and Kiosks Asset Monitoring

Vending, Pos and Kiosks Asset Monitoring

Common and widely used remote units such as vending machines, point of sale units (PoS) and kiosks have seamlessly embedded their way into general life, being used on a daily basis by an increasingly large percentage of people.

With their wider use monitoring and management has become even more critical to make sure machines are fully stocked and operational to ensure customer satisfaction. To achieve this telemetry data needs to be easily accessible and more up to date than ever before, with a rigidity to ensure that data can be accessed even when the primary communication method is down.

This is where M2M communication devices such as 3G routers become valuable; giving you a failover option for if primary comms fail. Making use of the cellular networks also allow for faster and a wider range of deployment, due to the lack of cables that need laying and the wide (and improving) coverage of the mobile phone networks.

Costa Express

Costa Express Vending Machine

A prime example of a vending machine that has made full use of M2M technology is Costa Coffee’s Costa Express vending machine, a project Adaptive Modules have been a key partner in the development process. The brand new state of the art coffee vending machine uses state of the art technology to appeal to the users senses, including coffee shop sounds, stimulating and engaging graphics, aroma dispensing and a wide range of fresh, high quality ingredients to give the user the best experience possible. M2M connectivity allows Costa Coffee to maintain product quality, engage the consumer all while remotely managing the machines.

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