H24 3G (HSPA/HSDPA) Mini PCI Express card

Integrate to your laptop or device to allow connectivity to 3G networks

The wireless mobile broadband PCI express mini card from Adaptive Modules is an embedded module that can connect to laptops and other devices to allow mobile connectivity to 3G (HSDPA) networks.


The H24 Mini PCI Express card offers the Telit H24 rich feature set. It is compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems.

Adapter boards

H24 supported functions

The above functions can only be used when the 52 PCI interface is defined.

Form Factor

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GSM/GPRS G24 Mini PCI Adapter


3G HSPA/HSDPA H24 Mini PCI Adapter

3G-MINI-PCIe (Express Adapter)

3G HSPA/HSDPA H24 Mini PCI Express Card

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HE910 Mini PCIe Card

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