GSM/GPRS Mini PCI Adapter

Embed into laptop or computer motherboard to allow wireless communication via GSM/GPRS network

Telit G24 modem socket connected to two high peformance UARTs with baud rates up to 15Mbps. Deep 128-byte receive/transmit FIFOs.

GSM/GPRS PCI adapter comes with full modem interface and hardware out of band flow control. It features PCI 3.0 and Power Management 1.1 compliant. 3.3V operation, integrated 3.3V and 5V to modem supply converters with optional 5V connector. Software compatible with industry-standard 16C550-type devices.

Mini pci g24 adapter

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Mini PCI's



GSM/GPRS G24 Mini PCI Adapter


HSPA/HSDPA H24 Mini PCI Adapter

3G-MINI-PCIe (Express Adapter)

3G HSPA/HSDPA H24 Mini PCI Express Card

Telit G24 Module Family


G24 Module

The G24-Lite designed to suit the basic needs of large systems, utilizing wireless capabilities to automate their extensive services, for customers looking to improve their business operations through M2M.


G24-Edge Module

The G24-Edge is a robust, RoHS-compliant cellular wireless module that enables virtually seamless connectivity for today's fastest-growing M2M applications.

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