Wireless Products for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication

Machine-to-machine (M2M) products communicated over wireless networks

We have a full products range to allow communication over a wireless network to remote machines, CCTV, handheld devices and much more. We offer embedded systems, wireless modules, wireless telemetry products, Bluetooth, Zigbee solutions and much more. A full product range is available to buy online at Adaptive Modules online store.

Telit GSM/GPRS modules

Telit GSM/GPRS/GPS Modules, Routers & Development Kits

Telit wireless product range are design for your M2M requirements. Features the GE864, the smallest and low cost GPRS modem in the wireless M2M market.

Telit Wireless RF Modules & Terminals

Adaptive Modules franchise of Telit to offer short range RF product portfolio for innovative and reliable RF solutions ranging from ready-to-use wireless radio modems to OEM RF modules. Find out more.

m2m embedded wireless modules

Embedded Modules (GSM/GPRS/3G/CDMA/WI-FI/JAVA/GPS)

Embedded GSM/GPRS Dual/Quad modules. 10MB of memory, ARM 7 core, 2 UARTS and various options for I/O. 3G HSDPA module to allow internet connectivity.

Wireless routers and modems can be installed onto remote machines, equipment or devices for maintenance, control and reporting over wireless networks.

gprs router terminal gprs modem
pstn router
java box terminal
gsm/gprs embedded modems

Embedded Modems (GSM/GPRS)

Integrate an embedded modem to add cellular wireless communication to your product.

wireless telemetry

Wireless Telemetry Equipment

Owa2X family of wireless telemetry computers provide a power platform offering wireless solutions for management of geographically distributed machiner

bluetooth devices and technology

Bluetooth Devices

Embedded Class 1 and Class 2 modules, audio modules, serial adapters and much more. Exchange data from fixed and mobile devices.

device servers

Device Servers

Device servers designed to manage serial devices, equipment and machines over Ethernet or wireless networks.

Multiport serial adapters

PCI Multiport Serial Adapter

The DirectPort family of universal PCI multiport serial adapters provide flexible expansions of high performance serial ports to computers.

Zigbee Technology and Products

Zigbee Technology

The Zigbee platform maintains a strong RF communication through hostile environments. Zigbee Development tools, modules (2.4 GHz), Zigbee USB dongle, Zigbee hardware and much more.

RF Radio Modems
Radio Modems

USB, RS-232/485, Zigbee interface, Ethernet and telephone radio modems. Monitor remote systems, data capture in embedded systems, fleet management and much more...

RF Modules
WLAN/Bluetooth: RF Modules

Built in X'tal for communication. Low power consumption WLAN/Bluetooth/RF embedded modules.

Wi-Fi Products
Wi-Fi Communication Products

Gain mobile wireless broadband access or add Wi-Fi connectivity to embedded devices with our selection of products.

gprs signal strength tester
GSM/GPRS Signal Strength Tester

Find which network provider has the best coverage within your area - test GSM/GPRS signals.

M2M Accessories
M2M Accessories

Selection of antennas, power supplies, cables, din rail mounts and connectors for your router, modem or module.

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