Electronic Components

With an international supplier base it is almost guaranteed that we will encounter your electronic component

Adaptive Modules Ltd uses a supplier base around the world to assist our customers in sourcing electronic components. As an Independent Global Distributor we can supply all products / types to support our customers needs. We have the ability to source from almost any manufacturer world-wide, from major brands such as Samsung or Micro DRAM Components to much smaller specialist suppliers, with an infinite range of products. This is backed up with full technical services including data library, scheduled orders, tape and reeling, volume price agreements, programming.

Products - FLASH / CF Cards / Memory Modules / SDRAM/DRAM / LCD Displays / MICROCONTROLLERS / LEDs / CONNECTORS / Logic / PICs / Relays etc.

Focus Manufacturers: - Samsung, Micron, Infineon, Hynix, ICSI, ISSI, AMEC, MXIC, Sandisk, Simple tech, Crucial, Intel, AMD, SST, Atmel, Alliance, Cirrus Logic, Analog Devices, more...

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Kitting Service

Adaptive Modules Ltd kitting service is available for all its customers. This service helps to increase performance with many aspects of the purchasing department. Cost Saving, Staffing levels, cash flow and time are some of the key points to consider. All kits are provided as per the customer requirement including labelling and packaging to suit. For more information on this service please email kit@adaptivemodules.com.

Design And Manufacture

Adaptive Modules Ltd provides a design and manufacturing service to assist our customers with "Time To Market" issues. Our engineers are fully qualified and are based locally in Cambridge. For more information on this service please email desg@adaptivemodules.com.


Adaptive Modules Ltd finds that its customers require a stocking service, this helps with cash flow and security for high value products. Most distributors charge for this for this service but Adaptive Modules Ltd includes this as part of its service free of charge.

Sub Contract Manufacturing

Adaptive Modules Ltd has access to 3 sub contactors in the UK. We have up to 5 manufacturing lines available to us at any one time. For further information on this service please email sub@adaptivemodules.com.

Programming Service

Adaptive Modules Ltd provides a programming service for all our customers if required. FPGA,Flash,Eprom, etc. For more information on this service please email prog@adaptivemodules.com.

Memory Market Supply Updates

All of the above are carried out from various locations. If you require any information please contact our sales team at sales@adaptivemodules.com.

Alternatively you can go to our Contacts page and fill out the relevant information and a member of the Adaptive team will get intouch with you.

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