GSM/GPRS Signal Strength Tester, Network Testing

Find a suitable network provider or the best position for a radio product with our new Signal Strength Tester

Position GSM and GPRs aerial systems; find the best location for your radio products. Our GSM/GPRS Signal Strength meter can be used to detect and measure surrounding GSM and GPRS base stations.

Measures and displays all available GSM and GPRs networks. The tester can also be “locked” to one network by inserting the providers SIM card.

GPRS Network Testing

GPRS is a protocol that sits on the GSM network. The GSM/GPRS Signal Strength tester can find out whether GPRS is available over the Vodafone network. If you wish to test GPRS you would require a Vodafone GPRS enabled SIM card in the meter – please view our available SIM providers.


The testing unit will switch off automatically after a preset time, if left on and unused. It is also contained within an armoured rubber protective sleeve.

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