GSM/GPRS Gateway Solution

All-in-one GSM/GPRS Gate Way Terminal

GSM/GPRS Gateway Terminal

Telit GG863-SR is an all-in-one gateway terminal that brings together the GSM/GPRS and short-range technology, hosting programmable GE863-PRO³ and any of the short-range modules from Telit’s wide product offer in a unique cost-saving, fully customized solution.

Thanks to the possibility of choosing among different ISM bands (433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz and 2,4GHz), protocol stacks (ZigBee, M-Bus or proprietary), network topologies (Star, Mesh, Cluster tree) and coverage (from 70m to 4km), time to market and total cost of the final application are significantly reduced.

The behavior of the gateway can be customized through the embedded Linux complete development environment and dedicated libraries for GSM and short range, thus simplifying integration in a final application.

GG863-SR Features

Our GSM/GPRS Gateway Terminal is available to buy online at our web store. Alternatively, you are able to discuss your requirments by calling our sales office on +44 (0) 1273 248 977.

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