ZigBee Serial Adapter, ProBee-ZS10

High performance and robust data transfer over ZigBee networks!

The ProBee-ZS10 is an ZigBee RS232 Serial adapter, it features integrated radio/antenna circuits and ZigBee core. It is designed to meet specific requirments to transfer data over ZigBee networks.

ZigBee Serial Adapter

The ZigBee serial adapter is designed for low cost and low power wireless applications by adopting the ZigBee technology fully certified under the latest ZigBee Pro standard for the maximum capatibility. It's high performance and robust data transfer means data can easily be transmitted over ZigBee.

Example Applications

  • Fully supports Zigbee┬«/Zigbee Pro 2007 wireless connectivity
  • Integrated 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4-compliant coprocessor
  • Various antenna options according to users' requirement, up to 1.6km with optional 5 dBi dipole antenna
  • Supports RS232 serial communication with up to 115 kbps baud rate
  • Supports various self management features wirelessly such as firmware upgrade and system configuration by using modem AT command set
  • Enhanced portability: standard & extended battery pack
  • Easy to use Windows configuration tool available

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