Zigbee™ USB Dongle - IA OEM-DAUB1 2400

The dongle also provides fully compliant wireless ZigBee™ connectivity (home controls stack profile) for routers, coordinators, and end devices by means of the supplied ZigBeeTM compliant platform drivers.

The USB Dongle is aimed at OEMs planning to deploy 802.15.4 or ZigBee enabled solutions into their product range. The dongle provides a simple method of integrating 802.15.4 or ZigBee into computers, gateways and/or bridge devices.

The dongle software development kit provides a convenient application interface to the software developer, thereby removing any need to develop USB drivers or even have experience in developing wireless technology. By means of the dongle, Integration offers the opportunity for OEMs to reduce R&D costs, reduce time-to-market, and minimize development risks.

The dongle is available with a choice of two driver options: The 802.15.4 drivers provide direct access to the 802.15.4 MAC interface. The ZigBee drivers allow the dongle to operate within a ZigBee network and expose the AF / ZDO Application Interfaces.


zigbee usb dongle - ia oem-daub1 2400



The dongle instantly enables a wireless ZigBee connection for existing equipment such as desktops, notebooks and PDAs to monitor and control ZigBee devices with plug and play convenience. The dongle node can either initiate connections, or accept incoming connections. The dongle can be configured as a network coordinator to start a new network, or can join an existing network as a router / end device.

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